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Mark of the Beast Confusion

One of the main reasons that the truth on the mark of the beast has not become more common knowledge is because most Christians do not understand or investigate the truth on what really happened to the fourth Commandment and tend to believe that the majority could not possibly be wrong. But is there another explanation as to how the majority could be wrong? There is and the simple answer is because Satan was very successful in nearly wiping out the fourth Commandment during the dark ages through the death of millions by the Catholic Church. Watch and listen carefully to this short true story of the death of a Sabbath keeper during the dark ages and find out how the fourth Commandment was nearly wiped out.

It is exceedingly relevant of course that the fourth Commandment was nearly completely lost by the time the Protestant reformation began. As these Protestants discovered that antichrist was the Roman Catholic Church, they began all these new Protestant Churches but after so many centuries of persecution, they continued keeping the pagan day of the supreme Sun god (whose number was 666) for worship in ignorance and that is why Sun-day has such a stronghold today. It is always harder to restore a lost truth and even more so when people do not want to know because it would disrupt their lifestyle. God gave His only Son and yet so many constantly try to explain away one of His Commandments. How God must grieve when people do this.

Jesus said that those who get the mark of the beast are deceived and so the mark must be something people are deceived on now. If what I am telling you is correct, and it is, then this would make perfect sense. God would NOT allow something that receives His full wrath to be unclear and where most of the world would end up being deceived. Those who get the mark are deceived by choice because they are not acknowledging something that is important to God. And again this makes perfect sense when you consider that the majority are trying to turn God’s Ten Commandments into nine Commandments and some even into none. When you have the inconsistency of Christians teaching that it is either Ten, Nine or Zero Commandments, then you know something is very wrong and God’s law is obviously under attack. Can we wilfully sin and still enter heaven? (Hebrews 10:26-29) Christians need to realize that Satan is behind this and start investigating what the real truth is behind this Commandment that Satan found all too easy to attack and change in honour of something that God absolutely detested. Sun worship! This is how we come to have the pagan name SUN-day. See an interesting email response.

Remember how God tested Israel (Exodus 16) even before He gave the Ten Commandments to see if they would keep His law or not? He tested to see if they would keep THE Seventh day or not. When they didn’t, God accused them of breaking His whole law. This is why it is also called the test Commandment and will be again for the mark of the beast. It is a SIGN that we do love and worship and belong to God and that it is He who sanctifies us and makes us Holy. When we keep the fourth Commandment it shows that we give our allegiance to Him. Most have missed that the Bible clearly tells us this and that this is how God feels, and why this is such a HUGE issue to God in that the Roman Catholic Church did change His Ten Commandment law, which has affected His Church in an enormous way for many centuries. Absolutely millions of obedient Christian Saints died over this. This is what is truly important to God. Our loving obedience and the fact that Satan through man changed HIS Law that defines sin. See also John 14:15.

How could man ever believe that he could change the law of God and have God respond with something like, “no matter, do whatever you want to my law that defines sin, that is okay.” It is because the law of God was broken that we had need of a Saviour. If man could change the law of God, then why didn’t man just abolish the Ten Commandments and then we would not have needed a saviour and Jesus would not have had to die on the cross for us. No Ten Commandment law, then no sin. Problem solved! This of course is absolutely ludicrous, which we should all be able to see, but sadly, not the Catholic Church.

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